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I am an extroverted, elder emo, San Francisco Bay Area native. I grew up in downtown San Jose, and explored and attended school in the diverse surrounding areas before ultimately settling in Santa Cruz, where I received my therapy training and established my initial practice. More recently, my love for adventure has led me on the path of full-time international travel, allowing me to bring my expertise to clients from all corners of the globe. 

Some of my favorite things are spending time in the sun and water, seeking out new experiences, connecting with others through laughter and conversation, and finding exciting ways to learn and grow.

Capricorn ☉   Cancer ☾   Sagittarius △

background & approach

My path to becoming a psychotherapist began at 14 when I attended my own therapy for the first time and knew immediately on a weirdly deep level that I had found my calling. I spent my adolescence in a number of therapeutic communities that totally saved my life and provided me with my first experiences of supporting others. At the age of 19, I began my professional journey in the therapeutic field, working with adolescents and their families to overcome trauma and addiction. Over the course of eight years I expanded my expertise to include adults facing similar challenges, alongside earning my degrees. My post-graduate training focused on the treatment of acute and complex trauma for both adolescents and adults, further honing my therapeutic skills and deepening my understandings of the diverse nuances of trauma treatment. Today, treating trauma is a major focus of my practice. 

My approach to therapy is grounded in the belief that the mind, body, and soul are deeply interconnected, and that optimal mental health is achieved by addressing all aspects of a person’s being. My style is influenced by a diverse range of disciplines, including parts therapies (think inner child healing), humanistic and existential therapies, and psychodynamic approaches. Additionally, I incorporate mindfulness and body-based therapies to facilitate deep emotional processing and release. Ultimately, the most important part of therapy is the strength of the relationship between you and me, so I will be bringing my authentic self to session which means I will laugh with you, cry with you, and cuss with you. I create a secure environment for you to explore your subconscious to uncover the roots of your emotional challenges to cultivate lasting well-being.



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